HYPR is a social influencer platform that caters to everyday Malaysians who want to monetize their social presence in promoting curated brands & services in Klang Valley
Well it can be either brand or even influencer- depending on the campaign actually. Let us explain. Sometimes the brand will create the content and require only sharing, but some other times, brands might prefer to give directions, and allow the influencers to write in their personal voice. So it depends !
A person who uses social media to generate hype, discussion or influence their followers.
Brands who wants to promote their products or latest promotions through influencer marketing.
HYPR makes money from campaign budget which is paid by brands.
Well content created are owned by their respective creators unless it is specified otherwise in the campaigns.
Submit campaign, it will then be review by Zed internally subject to T&C. During the campaign itself, we will still review it. The process usually takes one business day
Well, we are looking to add all social media sites soon. But if we tell of this plan to our developer, he most probably won’t come to work the day after. So at this point, we are adding major social media sites first, and then will be adding functionality to other sites as well as we progress over the months.
Well, we thought you will never ask. Go here to read about our terms and condition in detail.


Influencers are people whose talent, passion, knowledge, authenticity and experience inspires people around them -be it family, friends or their social circles. You can be a celebrity with 1M followers or a regular mom posting to her friends- we are all influencer in our own special way.
We are always free to join and use for influencers. Scouts promise!
Well this depends on the campaigns that you choose, and the actions required from your end. All campaigns will usually have the payout rate stated at the top. So just choose the campaigns you like and start sharing!
Firstly, you will need to register as a HYPR user and then log in with your username. At the HYPR platform page, you will see a collection of campaigns to choose from at the promotion section and voila! You can start sharing any contents you like.
Decline post means you have not follow our T&C. All you have to do is just resubmit and we will keep you posted.
Well, let us quote the title of songs of Mariah Carey, Chris Brown and Drake- FOREVER. Ok, we cool about this yea?
Well, your efforts in promoting will usually see increase in your “Pending Wallet”. Right after HYPR QC, the amount will then be moved to “Confirmed Walled” -which will be the final amount you made and can withdraw.
Well, it shouldn't be. HYPR vets and curates contents and posts to be from reputable brands and services and the promotion are also checked to meet our own internal guidelines and even local custom and ethics.
If there is any issue you face on this- please contact us to tell us about it.
We actively review every working day.
All cashouts done before the 21st of every month, payment will be received on the 10th of the following month. Any request after the 21st will be paid on the 10th of the following two months.
For example, cashout request on 15th October 2017 will be paid by the 10th of November. Meanwhile, cashout request on 25th october will be paid out on 10th of December.


We don't have no setup or subscription fee. You pay based on campaigns that you want to run in our platform.
After creating your promotion, we will send you an invoice. After payment we will activate your promotion.
We do have a minimum campaign fee based on the campaigns. Please check with our friendly staffs who are serving your account.
Payments are charged on pre-payment basis before the start of a campaign.
Login to your brands account & follow steps to post.
Well, it goes the other way- its the influencers who will choose you. You can select the list of influencers you want to promote too- but at the end of the day, influencers have the right to choose or reject the campaigns.
HYPR as a check-system in place to make sure that we don't allow fake influencers or bots in the system. We review all campaigns results manually and check against gaming by irresponsible cheaters.
Cheaters are usually served with a soft or hard ban, depending on the severity of the issue. You can be rest assured that you are getting promoted by real people !
In all honesty, you might be seeing different/ competing brands who are promoting in HYPR.
For each campaign, you will be promoted separately by the influencers. Influencers are not paid if they “bundle” all the promo together -unless they are looking to not get paid.
For basic influencers -it is by random selection.
In the future, we will be introducing higher categories- such as breakout and celebrity influencers. We will be providing verifiable stats in campaign selection mode. Stay tuned !
Nothing in this life is guaranteed, except death. We don’t want to be philosophical, but yea..
Anyway to answer this question, posts are guaranteed to be posted in the social circle, but we don’t guarantee that it will reach ALL their followers.
We have certain protocol on how we handle this. But the main idea is that, as long as it fits our TOS, Brands ad requirement and got posted by an influencer to a legit social circle- then we don’t “kacau” it.
Unless the posts are racist, sexist or derogatory or similar- if you think there is a valid concern- please get in touch with us
HYPR will be doing pricing & verification
This is measured based on the campaign outcome you are looking for. This can be in terms of buzz created, views received or even sales or other engagements that you receive as part of this HYPR promotion.
We are more than glad to help you work this out. Contact our team if you require further info.